Training Rates


$30.00 - Personal/Semi-Personal Fitness Training

Personal and Semi-Personal Training sessions lasts for approximately 1 hour and are held at Planet Fitness in Metairie, LA

We will utilize weight/strength training and cardio to help you burn off unwanted body fat and build strength and muscle.

$20.00 - 30 Minute Gym Session

Our 30 minute gym sessions are designed for those that are pressed for time but would still like to train with us.

We combine strength training with cardio and very small rest periods that will ramp up your fat burning capabilities.

$30.00 - Outdoor/Park Training

Batiste Fitness Outdoor/Park Training is a 30 minute, fast paced session that is designed to strip away body fat.

All park training sessions are done at Lafreniere Park in Metairie.

$250/Month - Online Fitness Training

Are you located outside of the New Orleans area? 

Whether you are in Louisiana or located in another country, your Batiste Fitness personal trainer can still help you reach your fitness goals.

Our in-person and online personal training rates are affordable so that everyone can train with Batiste Fitness.

For more details, go to the Start Your Training page and fill out the contact form.

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