Batiste Fitness Training Programs

Get Strong

The Batiste Fitness GET STRONG!!! program is designed to help you increase your overall strength gains. 

You will also build muscle while progressing through the GET STRONG program and build that super hero physique.

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Body Weight Fat Blaster

The Body Weight Fat Blaster was designed for those that would like to lose weight and/or body fat and get in shape from the comfort of home.

This circuit program will get your heart rate up to blast away the body fat, transforming your body completely.

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Online Fitness Training

Online fitness training with Batiste Fitness will allow you to get in shape no matter where you are.

Even though I am a personal trainer in New Orleans, Batiste Fitness will allow you to get in shape with us no matter where you are.

Just like in person training, online training programs are designed specifically for whatever your fitness goals are.

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